My Internship


DSC06870Last summer, I visited many countries with my best friend! I’ve always loved the British culture! I’ve visited London in 2013 and I really wanted to go back! I thought I fell in love with this metropolis, but I wasn’t prepared to be swept off my feet by Edinburgh! I was there only a few days and I knew I had to come back! It was like love at first sight.

So when I had to choose where I wanted to do my internship, I knew I was going to so it in Edinburgh. I wrote to many places for an internship and got a lot of negative responses! But in early December 2015, Inlingua Edinburgh confirmed that they wanted me as a Special Event Coordinator for my internship. Yeah!DSC06512

For 8 weeks, I’ll be living in this magnificent city and I will be sharing with you my time there! I’ll be surrounded by Redheads, men will only wear kilts, everyone will drink whiskey all the time and there’s going to be a person playing bagpipes at every corner. I also can’t wait to go in the Highlands to see sheep frolicking in the valleys and see Nessie! Ok ok, I know these are all stereotypes, but still, maybe Nessie is real! I’m excited to see if some of these clichés are true!

I’m leaving in a week and I still haven’t packed! As usual, I will do it two days before leaving! And what to pack for 2 months? When I was there in June, it wasn’t really hot and I have to assume it’s going to rain!

Edinburgh, what do you have in store for me?

Stephanie Lacasse



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