Three planes, Four airports

I’m really lucky, I have a lot of trips under my belt, some by myself and others with friends. So if I my say, I’m an experienced traveller! But the journey to get to Edinburgh wasn’t really what I had in mind! Let me explain to you how my journey went!

My parents (my dad never smiles)

|| First flight: YQB to YUL ||


Classic flight, I’ve been on this flight more than once! Small plane, a lot of people, a small snack. Nothing really special, apart from the strong winds! The lady besides me was really nice. She told me how happy she was to go back to Florida, where it’s hot and she can wear shorts. I was like “ well, I’m passing from cold weather to cool, still going to have to wear a coat each day”. One of the advantages of colder weather, I won’t have to buy sunscreen!

|| Second flight: YUL to EWR ||

Once again, not my first time at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. My next flight is at fate 80 and I know it’s at the other end of the airport. So I stop at the first Starbucks I see to get a Frappuccino. About 45 minutes before boarding time, I decide to go to my gate, I walk to the end of the terminal to realize the last gate number is 60, I have to get to 80! I get a little stressed out, “where’s my gate?, do I have to do like Harry Potter and run through a wall?” So I walk all the way back and then I see the sign I didn’t see before. I have to pass an American security checkpoint ant then I just have time to get to my gate and board the plane. We were about 12 on the plane so I had all the space I wanted!

|| Third flight: EWR to EDI ||

First time in this airport, I’m completely lost! Will I survive? Well yes, obviously. I get out of the plane and I try to find my gate number, but it is nowhere to be seen. The only way is out, but I don’t want to get out, I want to go on my last flight! After a while, I realize that I need to change terminals. IMG_20160330_065658Once in the good terminal, I notice I will have to pass security again, so I’ll have to throw away my water bottle that I just bought, not cool. The airport is so confusing, there’s like three different security checkpoints that all go to the same place, but you can’t pass the one you want. Why make things so difficult? When I finally enter the secure zone, I only have 25 minutes left before my boarding and I still haven’t eaten. So I grab a pizza slice really quickly and board my last flight. I’m alone in my row, this is amazing! If I want to sleep, I’ll be able to put my legs up and just be comfortable! But once in the air, this man decides to come sit next to me to have more leg space. We still have a seat between us, so it’s not that bad. We started talking and I learn that he’s an American with a dual citizenship in the United Kingdom. He has retired with his wife in Edinburgh. The dream! I’m still a little jealous to be honest! He was so sweet, we talked a lot about traveling and he even gave me his number if ever I had a problem while in Edinburgh.


As I said, this is not my first time travelling abroad, but it seems to be the hardest trip yet. Last time, I travelled with my best friend. We had a blast! My parents, well they’re used to the fact that I travel and I know I’ll talk to them, so I don’t really feel sad or nostalgic to leave. But this time, it’s a bit different. There’s the fact that I’m travelling by myself, but mainly, I now have boyfriend, which I love very much! We are used to the long distance relationship thing, but still, I already miss him and it hasn’t even been three days! At least we have Skype and Messenger to get us through!


Stephanie Lacasse


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