First few days

I’ve been here for a few days and it has been great. First of all, on my first day here, my host, Jane, wrote to be that the bus stop was one mile after the ASDA stop. I don’t know how long is a mile…km would have been helpful. Turns out, I took the ASDA stop, so I had to walk 2 km with my suitcase and my really heavy bag! It was a nightmare. Then, once I arrived, I forgot I had to bring my luggage up for 3 flights of stairs! It was really harder than I thought it would be and this dog would stop barking every time my suitcase knocked a stair! The important part is that I survived, I was exhausted, but alive.


Since then, I’ve just been walking everywhere to discover the city and trying not to spend all my money, which is really harder than I thought! There are so many shops that I really like and that we don’t have back in Quebec! Paperchase and Cath Kidston have to be two of my favourites, for now. I bought this really kitsch notebook to write my daily journal. I really look like a tourist every time I take out, but it’s so cute!


So the other day I decided to go to the Old Town, to the Edinburgh Castle and just wander in that part of the city. Old Town would have to be where a lot of historical attractions are and turns out there were too many tourists that I was feed up after only 30 minutes! I went in this beautiful park right under the castle and just sat on a bench. I even turned off my music, just the feel and hear everything; it was a really nice moment!


Friday night I wanted to go to pub, 1: because it’s Friday, 2: because why not, I’m in Scotland. My host invited me to go to a bar with two of her friends. Even if they were all older than me, I had a blast! We went to this wine bar. Even though you go there to drink wine, I took a beer! Then, I asked for a Black Velvet and it seemed so hard to do, but it was good! We started talking about politics at one point. I was going to say how our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is known worldwide because he’s cute, but they said it before me! They actually knew who he is and a little bit about his politics! We then laugh about Trump and that made my night!

Today is my last day as a free person because tomorrow, my internship will start! I can’t wait to see how it will be. I really hope I will like it and that I’ll make new friends. I’ll keep you posted about it and other things I discover about this city!

Stephanie Lacasse


3 thoughts on “First few days

  1. Tu écris bien Stéphanie, c’est super intéressant de te lire. Bonne chance pour ton stage. Un beau bonjour de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield XX0XX


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