Arthur’s Seat

One of the reasons why I love Edinburgh so much is that there’s so many green space in the city! Within 5 minutes you can easily access a park. One of the popular places to go is Holyrood Park. It’s quite a massive park, 2.6 km2, considering it’s in the city center. The highest point of the park and the highest point in the city is Arthur’s Seat.


When I was in Edinburgh last summer, my friend and I didn’t have time to climb this peak and we were quite sad about it. So, I had to climb Arthur’s Seat. On the only day that didn’t rain this week, I decided to give it a go and I’m really happy I did!


Holyrood Park is about 50 minutes (4 km) from my flat to the entrance of the park. I didn’t really mind walking to get there, knowing that I would continue walking once there. This wasn’t my first time climbing a hill or a mountain…and each time I act the same way: all the way up I regret my decision! I wonder why I had to come here, how my bed is so much comfier, that I could be watching Netflix or something. But then, once on top, the view is so worth it! Each time it’s the same thing!


When I finally arrived at the highest point I was so happy, until mosquitos appeared! Why? I was enjoying myself before they arrived! So I took a few photos quickly and moved to an other point of the park because I just can’t stand these little bugs! There were so many people just drinking at the top, which is a great place when you think about it!


When I arrived back at the entrance, I was so tired that I decided to take the bus back home. I didn’t have the will necessary to walk an other 50 minutes! I only did half of the park, so I will definitely come back to explore it furthermore hoping to see some animals!


Stephanie Lacasse



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