Down come the rain drops

The weather, gosh, I know understand the stereotype of grouchy Scottish people! I think I’m starting to become one of those typical Scotsman.

I really love Edinburgh, but the weather for the last two weeks have been killing my love for this city. I just don’t understand how people can live with the rain for such a long period of time. It’s crazy! If it rains for a few days, it’s great, it waters your plants so you don’t have to, it cleans your driveway, it’s great. But only three days with no rain in two weeks, I think I may die!

People keep saying to me: “You’ll see, May is wonderful, the weather is great!”. I’m not quite sure if they are lying to me to keep my morale up. I’ve been here last summer in June. I was said that my friend and I were lucky that we didn’t get rain, but it was so cold! We had to buy scarves to survive the winds of this historic city.

One of the good things about all this rain The only good thing about this rain is that I don’t have to put sunscreen on! That’s me trying to be positive. Having fair skin, I use 60 fps sunscreen, even if it’s just for a short walk outside in the summer. My skin doesn’t really have a good relationship with the sun. Such a shame!

While I’m writing this article it’s raining cats and dogs!! Will I survive?

Stephanie Lacasse




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