Best place in Edinburgh: Calton Hill

My favourite place in all of Edinburgh has to be Calton Hill. This place is located in the city center. Once you get up the hill, the views are mesmerizing! From the Firth of Forth to the city, everything is beautiful!


If you Google “Edinburgh”, the typical photo you will get is one that was taken from Calton Hill: The Dugald Stewart Monument, which overlooks Edinburgh city center. This place has inspired many painters and photographers with its monuments and its views, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this place!

There are a total of four monuments on Calton Hill, my favourite being The National Monument of Scotland.

DSC06613 (1)

This incomplete construction is “Scotland’s national memorial to the Scottish soldiers and sailors who died fighting in the Napoleonic Wars”. The construction began in 1826 and three years later, they ran out of money. They never finished it and that’s why many people refer to this monument as “Scotland’s Disgrace”.


It is possible to climb the monument, with a small effort and this is why I love this place, the views from this monument! On one side, you have Arthur’s Seat, the highest point of the city; you can see how green Edinburgh is. And then, on the other side, you get Old and New Town. That’s when you understand why Edinburgh is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. You can see the contrast between the old medieval town with Edinburgh’s Castle and the Georgian-style architecture of New Town.




Stephanie Lacasse


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